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The new Hinamatsuri Doll Levels

The greatest quantity of tiers was seven, that take a red-carpet, and each covering has actually an alternate meaning:

Hinamatsuri Dishes

The conventional colors to have Girls’ Day was eco-friendly (spring), pink (summer), reddish (fall), and white (winter). Celebrants were this type of color in most of one’s hinamatsuri snacks and you will other stuff.


One of several Hinamatsuri dishes is ‘arare‘ and you will contains tiny golf balls out-of puffed, coloured rice. He is sometimes sweet (Kanto region) or savory (Kansai part). Its shade is light, red, eco-friendly, and purple, and individuals utilize them with Hina dolls to have decor.

Hishi Mochi

Needless to say, it would not be a Japanese event without unique rice desserts so you’re able to squeeze into they. One of Hinamatsuri’s popular grain cakes is ‘hishi mochi.’

That it mochi that have layers regarding pink, light, and you will environmentally friendly colors all the way through. Recently there has been a development to possess duplicating this new hishi mochi build. However, they normally use almost every other meals and work out desserts particularly hishi mochi cheesecake!

Sakura Mochi

Even though cherry blossom (sakura) seasons doesn’t initiate up to atsuri. Sakura mochi is a pink, slightly sticky particular wrapped in good pickled cherry flower leaf. The fresh yellow bean paste’s sweet pairs well to your saltiness off brand new pickled cherry blossom departs.

Hanami Dango

One reason why that Girls’ Date stays so popular are the proximity in order to herbs flowering. Into plum plants coming out, it’s a beneficial reason to love some hanami dango.

Hanami dango are pretty, bullet grain cakes into the an adhere which feature Girls’ Date shade out of light, pink, and you will environmentally friendly. These types of mochi dango might be eaten ordinary, as they are, otherwise that have a nice dipping sauce. We commonly check out a playground that have nearest and dearest and eat these with most other popular Japanese picnic foods.

Ushio Jiru

Ushio Jiru, otherwise ‘obvious clam soup,’ is an additional regular Girls’ Go out restaurants. Brand new soups uses entire clams as its base as well as for symbolization. They usually represent Girls’ Go out because they are a couple of halves out of a comparable shell.

This new soups include kombu dashi (a soups stock with a great seaweed foot) and only spends sodium. The taste is actually simple and you will a great musical accompaniment for Girls’ Time sushi.


Dolls Festival also have sushi, specifically chirashizushi (blended sushi). The newest sushi does not have any a set algorithm but do explore certain products.

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